Agricultural Technology

Agricultural Technology is an ancient engineering field which laid the foundations for the development of other engineering fields.

Agricultural engineers play a vital role in the development of agriculture and land development for so many other fields.

The department aims at producing quality engineers with sound technical knowledge and awareness of the latest advancements in existing and emerging technologies.

To train and produce an Agricultural Engineer with a wealth of knowledge and function effectively in disciplines like agricultural machinery and automated machine systems, soil conservation, irrigation and drainage, crop nutrient and fertigation, postharvest handling and value addition, farm animals and housing etc. For the efficient production and processing of food, feed, fiber and fuels.

Job Opportunities

  • Diploma graduates may join Agriculture Departments of different State Governments.
  • Government Departments where graduates may find jobs are – Food Department, Dairy Boards (State wise), Coir Board, Research Departments etc.
  • Private sector, Fertilizer firms, Research and development firms, Agriculture Machinery manufacturing firms, Food Products Processing and Manufacturing firms etc are the prime recruiters.
  • Average starting salary is between 2.5- 4.5 Lakh Rupees per year.

Eligible to Purse Higher Studies In Following Disciplines

  • B.E. Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering
  • B.Tech Food Technology
  • B.Tech Horticulture
  • B.Tech. Food Process Engineering
  • B.Tech. Energy and Environmental Engineering
  • B.Tech. Agricultural Information Technology
  • B.E. Automobile Engineering
  • B.E. Aeronautical engineering
  • B.E. Production engineering
  • B.E. Mechanical Engineering